Member Benefit: Mentoring Program

Whether you are interested in developing a successful musical career, grow in your faith, find encouragement to achieve your dreams, or strengthen your marriage and other relationships, there is a place for you in the Mentoring Program. This program addresses individual needs at any stage of life. Together we will find the best way for you to be successful.

How the Program Works

Mentees are grouped based on criteria such as specific areas of interest and goals. Once placed in a group individuals become responsible for structuring a collaboration that works best for them. Online meetings either as a group chat, webinar, or other live event will be organized to provide exclusive content to members. The aim is to see you achieve success in what you are doing. Members will be required to meet periodic goals and ensure that by the end of the year, big goals are achieved. The process will involve tips for success, expectations, and a worksheet to help you structure your path to success.

Program Cost

Starting from only $3 a month, you can enroll using your Ecocash, Telecash, or Zimswitch, or Paypal accounts. Click on the images below for more information on the programs.

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